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Lithuanian Shashka, Vytis on Pommel

Lithuanian Shashka, Vytis on Pommel

Status: Sold

Origin: Lithuania | Culture: Lithuanian

Date: 20th Century


Overall Length

  • Sword: 93.5cm

Blade Length

  • 80cm

Blade Thickness

  • 6.5mm

Blade Width

  • 32.3mm


  • Sword: 846 grams
  • Sheathed: 1353 grams

Shashka produced in Russia and imported by Lithuania. Lithuanian coat of arms "Vytis" engraved on pommel. Very few of these have been known to exist, as there was ever just one order placed by the Lithuanian government for them.

The coat of arms of Lithuania is a mounted armoured knight holding a sword and shield, known as Vytis (pronounced ['vîːtɪs]). Since the early 15th century, it has been Lithuania's official coat of arms and is one of the oldest European coats of arms.

Price: £7300 (€8500)

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