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I am Mihnea Georgescu, antique arms collector & dealer. I have translated my interest in history and historical warfare into a passion for antique weapons, and modelled my profession around that. I find, buy, research and curate items, and I then help individuals expand their collection in their desired direction.

I am always happy to arrange viewings. I am located in Nottingham, UK. Please let me know in advance and I can prepare the items you are interested in seeing. 

If you have something to sell, please contact me. Similarly, if you are unsure about an item, I can offer my expertise at no cost.

I have in the past helped value collections. I have a broad knowledge of swords and daggers spanning multiple continents and centuries. I can offer my services for valuations and probate.

Everything I sell can be shipped worldwide, and in a cost effective manner. Please contact me with any enquiries.

Thank you for taking an interest in my store.

Mihnea Georgescu

Antique Arms @ Boyar Armoury

Why Boyar?

boyar (noun) - a member of the highest rank of the feudal nobility in many Eastern European states. 

Many boyars considered themselves worldly and educated, eager to explore fashions and histories from across borders. Just like what you would find in a boyar's armoury, I try to offer a true variety of antique weapons, spanning across continents.