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Very rare set of unusual húdiédao, China, mid 19th century

Very rare set of unusual húdiédao, China, mid 19th century

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Húdiédao (蝴蝶刀), also known as butterfly swords, are twin swords usually identified with Southern China. Strong association with Wing Chun.

This set is a stunning example, with both swords present as well as the original leather scabbard.

Whilst antique Wing Chun sized Hudiedao are extremely rare, this sub type are of a type that is much rarer than their counterparts with the knuckle guard and hooked quillon.

Apart from the guard less nature of these knives that make them extremely rare, it is the blade geometry that makes these knives work exceptionally well in hand.

The narrow base and widening mid-section provide a very strong and capable forward working motion, capable of delivering a more devastating blow than those of typical form, yet despite the desire to work forward in the hand, the geometry offers remarkable balance, speed and variation of attack and defence angles than the more rigid nature of commonly known types.

The handles are ornately carved from rosewood depicting a Phoenix.

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