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Ottoman Yatagan for a Janissary, Dated 1868

Ottoman Yatagan for a Janissary, Dated 1868

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Origin: Ottoman Empire | Culture: Turkish, Shia Muslim

Date: 1868 (Sultan Abdulaziz)

A 19th century Ottoman janissary yatagan, complete with original scabbard, and large ivory handle with "ears". Brass mounting decorated with corals & two green gems.
A very impressive piece, the etching on the blade reads:

Ameli: Akacapir
Sahibi ve Maliki: Mustafa

"Aliden Başka Yiğit Zülfikardan Keskin Kılıç Yoktur"

Hicri: 1285 (١٢٨٥) Miladi: 1868-69

"There is none more valiant than Ali, and no sword sharper than the Zulfiqar"

Dated 1868-69 (1285 Hijri)

Ottoman Jannisaries were trained under the Bektași Order, a Shia/Sufi Order, and were followers of Hazrat Ali.


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