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Non regulation 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre

Non regulation 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre

Status: Available

Origin: United Kingdom | Culture: British

Date: 19th Century

* Consignment *

Item location: Norway

A unique non regulation 1796 Light Cavalry with ogee langets. The wooden inner of the scabbard is in excellent condition with the sabre drawing smoothly. The grip leather is intact with most of the grip wire remaining. 

The blade has some minor black  spots, but is otherwise in excellent condition.

There is no makers mark on the blade, however the ogee style langets are often found on swords attributed to John Prosser. 

It is likely that this sword was made for a customer with a service history in India either with the EIC or in a Kings regiment. 

A unique sabre with Lilley providence to Indian service.

Price: £800
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