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English Silver Hilted Smallsword

English Silver Hilted Smallsword

Status: Sold

Origin: United Kingdom | Culture: English

Date: 18th Century (George III)


Overall Length

  • 96cm

Blade Length

  • 79cm

Blade Thickness

  • Ridge: 9.9mm

Blade Width

  • 28.2mm


  • 442 grams

A silver hilted English smallsword. Several intricate designs of different busts presented on the hilt. The triangular cross-sectioned blade retains much of its original etching. The hilt shows hallmarks, which have not yet been researched. As with most swords of this type, it will be a mid-18th Century smallsword.

The hilt is very solid and shows absolutely no movement. There are two subtle repairs that have probably been made to fix it in place, as these swords have a loose guard more often than not. I have shown these in the last two pictures.

These smallswords were designed for thrusting in dueling or self-defense. The hallmarks on the sword provide important information about its provenance and authenticity as an 18th-century weapon. The piece serves as an example of both the craftsmanship of English silversmiths and the types of personal arms favored by gentlemen of the period.

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