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P1892 Rifles Presentation Sword

P1892 Rifles Presentation Sword

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1892 Pattern Rifles Regiment Officer’s Presentation Sword, Edward VII period, complete with steel scabbard. Presented to Lieutenant W. Williams on the 12th of February 1906 on the occasion of his promotion to Quartermaster. The quartermaster (QM) is the commissioned officer in a battalion or regiment responsible for supply. By longstanding tradition, they are always commissioned from the ranks and hold the rank of captain or major (although until the 20th century the quartermaster was usually a lieutenant, such as in this example). Traditionally, the quartermaster had previously served as Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) and then regimental sergeant major (RSM) of the unit of which he later became quartermaster.

The pattern is attributed to James Wilkinson & Son, and this particular example was made by Samuel Brothers Ltd. Outfitters in Ludgate Hill, London. The blade bears a beautiful and crisp engraving, with the presentation clearly visible. The serial number “1471” is present on the spine, making the sword easy to research if one were to contact Samuel Brothers Ltd.

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