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1796 Pattern Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre

1796 Pattern Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre

Status: Sold

Origin: United Kingdom | Culture: British

Date: 19th Century (George III)


Overall Length

  • Sword: 94cm

Blade Length

  • 82cm

Blade Thickness

  • 8.1mm

Blade Width

  • 37.7mm


  • Sword: 800 grams
  • Sheathed: 1454 grams

A good example of a P1796 Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre. Blade shows simple but elegant markings, including the George III monogram. 

Features a faceted knucklebow, backpiece and ferrule. Both langets present. Comma-shaped ears.  All these characteristics point to an Osborn, but this is inconclusive as there are no markings.

The grip is a replacement. 

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