Shipping Information

All items are shipped safely and securely. Boyar Armoury Ltd holds a specialist account with DHL Express, which ensures that we are never in breach of any terms of carriage, despite sending antique bladed weapons. Furthermore, all parcels are insured with antiques & collectables specialist brokers.

All orders are double packed in paper and bubble wrap, and placed in double wall cardboard box custom made for swords. I document the packing process with photos for insurance purposes, and also for the customer's peace of mind.

With several years of experience shipping antique swords & daggers across the world,  I am very familiar with customs laws in several countries, which are an important consideration when importing antiques, bladed weapons, and ivory.

Although I encourage everyone to declare the full itemised value on the customs invoice, this can attract unwanted attention and fees, so there is flexibility in that regard at the customer's discretion and liability. In the case of shipping ivory, I will include a UK CITES Ivory Declaration inside the parcel, as well as a signed expert opinion that the item is over 100 years old, as per UK legislation. I am also able to include a printed invoice at the customer's request.

Communication is key when shipping high value goods, and I will always respond to any queries in a timely fashion. I also accept suggestions when shipping to new countries.

I encourage my customers to buy with peace of mind, no matter what country they are collecting from.


Mihnea Georgescu

Antique Arms @ Boyar Armoury


Receiving a Parcel

1. Never allow the carrier to deliver the package in your absence or to a third party

2. It is essential to always check the package before signing the delivery slip. By signing, you accept the package and declare that it is compliant and in good condition. In case of damage, or if it is the wrong size, write your comments on the delivery slip. 

3. In case of problems, keep the packaging and take pictures of it, as well as the item.

4. Contact me no later than 3 days from receipt of the item.

These steps must be followed in order for the shipping insurance to be valid. Please make sure you contact me as soon as possible in case of any problems.